Encountering Israel

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1. "Encountering Israel": portfolio and proposed book cover. Made at Nimrod Fortress, the largest Crusader-era fortification in Israel, Golan Heights. <br />
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Built during the Middle Ages, high above the Hermon Valley to protect the road linking the Galilee to Damascus, its control changed hands during the 12th - 13th centuries from the Crusaders to the Muslims, who carved impressive Arabic inscriptions into its massive stones.<br />
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When I made this image, I was looking through an embrasure, an opening designed for defense: to watch for enemies, launch crossbows, and hurl stones. As I looked from the darkness toward the light, I thought mightily about Israel's ongoing conflicts. I would soon plant the "Tree of Life" to honor my recently deceased parents, but on my first day in Israel, I was brooding about ancient battles and what the future might bring.